Building Infrastructure Sector

India has already invested an amount more than $25 billion in infrastructure development in last 2 decades where estimates says that by 2030, 40% of population will be living in cities. To relieve this enormous pressure on physical infrastructure the government has extended many initiatives like PMAY, Smart cities mission, AMRUT etc.

Ingenyria has seen the potential of investing its energy & manpower in urban infrastructure development and has reaped the benefit through delivery of commercial infra projects.

As an organization, we have capacity to deliver multiple turnkey projects and have already worked on individual activities involved in construction projects.


  • Design Service:Our wide range of design service include all the encountered aspect in project development phase from conceptual drawings, architectural plans to detailed structural drawings and also landscape architectural modeling. Our team has experience of working on some of the most premier infrastructure facilities of this country.
  • Project Execution Service:Our experience in the industry has brought us trustable alliances with executors who can contain large scale projects through their efficient management of teams and equipment resources. With such strong alliances, we dare to make strong commitments to deliver all execution works within project timelines.
  • Infrastructure Expansion Service:Under expansion service, all the aspect of redevelopment works is covered from designing service to project execution works. Execution activities are managed in such manner that they do not hamper the ongoing operations of warehouse/ plant and remain least troublesome to our client.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Service: After understanding the economic burden of demolition and reconstruction of old infrastructure we’ve incorporated our structural services to suit the old infrastructure of warehouse and cold storage facilities. By conducting structural assessment through Non – destructive/ partially destructive type testing, we estimate the extent of damage in building due to environment deterioration. Life of a structure and strength of its component material is enhanced by providing retrofitting or repair solution to rehabilitate the effect of ageing.
  • Consultancy Service: With our technical expertise in this field we provide consultancy to organizations/ contractors engaged in construction & infrastructure related activities. We have provided consultancy to different requirements be it safe demolition, renovation, load addition or anything similar.